Cat Hugs Dog In This Video That Is Good

And they call it... PAWppy love!!

Do you folks want a video that is undeniably good? A video that takes all the kindness of the world and distills it into a pure element that you can watch and bless your 2019 with a goodness heretofore unseen in the public eye? Do you want the purity of animals mixed with the all time goodness and purity of love? Well then, here you go. One of these all time kindness videos that you can send to your friends, your family, and hey. Bring your pet to the screen, maybe they can learn something. Without further ado, one of the top movies of 2018: a dog petting a cat and then the cat hugging the dog. Enjoy.

This is so sweet. So much love in one little pet to pet interaction. Of course, part of the reason we can feel this love is they’re expressing love towards each other they way humans do to animals. If we licked a dog’s foot would it lose its mind? Gain human sentience and run to the closet to get out the video camera. What if we said “I love you”, but through a series of barks? Is this what every species wants? To see the other species they love showing affection as they would?

I have to say that is not healthy. I know this video is adorable, but I demand that people explain who taught this cat to hug, and who taught this dog to pet! What next, the dog is going out to buy gifts when he gets into a fight with the cat? No! Kiss my face, and cat, leave me a dead mouse to show your utter respect and fascination with me. This is what I demand.

Me, the human! Me!

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