Shane Dawson APOLOGIZES for Cat Joke

An old clip has resurfaced online of Shane Dawson joking about humping his cat, and now Shane is responding.

Shane Dawson is a youtube creator with over 21M subscribers, who has transitioned through the years from a comedy channel, to a conspiracy channel, and has lately developed an incredibly popular investigative docu-series style delving into the lives of controversial youtubers.

And as many people are now finding out, sometimes old jokes don’t age well. On Shane’s podcast back in 2015…Shane made a joke in poor taste.

That clip has resurfaced along with other controversial material Shane did in the name of comedy, and Shane is apologizing. But this is not the first time he’s apologized. Just last year in January, Shane made a full apology video after a clip from the podcast where Shane joked about pedophilia went viral.

And now, Shane is echoing a similar sentiment in his apology regarding his cat joke. He tweeted a lengthy apology.

Plenty of fans and friends of Shane supported him, but Shane’s good friend and fellow creator Garret Watts said this:

“As someone who knows Shane intimately, I can tell you that the shock-style comedy of Shane’s past is the least interesting and least genuine side of him… Shane is one of the most thoughtful, kind hearted empathetic guys I know…so please be forgiving and realize that people change…”

Shane is now working on an extended series with beauty blogger Jeffree Star, which will premiere in two seasons, one debuting in the summer and one in the fall. Shane will still be filming other content that he will release in the meantime.

So what do you think about these resurfaced jokes? Do you think we should move on?

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