Dad Proves Kids Are For Cleaning The House!

  • How to Dad proves that babies can be more than just little drunk people that need caring for, and can even pitch in around the house!

    There’s been a longstanding belief that the best childcare is provided solely by women, but lately co-parenting has been spearheading its way as the best parenting technique. Co-parenting has men more involved in the lives of their children and some dad’s are choosing to stay at home with their kids rather than being the traditional “bread winner.”

    While this refreshing change in parenting styles is fantastic, some older generations seem to have a problem with it. How to Dad is the perfect tongue-in-cheek series for dad’s everywhere, and it’s pretty awesome!

    It also helps that the baby is ridiculously cute, but we digress. The series is informative and funny. We can’t wait to see what else this dad has in store!