Son Helps Mom Make Up for Missed Prom by Taking Her to His


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  • Moms do so much for us, and it’s impossible to imagine or even make up for so much of their sacrifices. For high schooler Joe Angel, (who goes by @joeamoreno8 on Twitter), it was his mom giving birth to him at the age of 17 and dropping out of high school to raise him. This means that amongst the things his mom has missed out on was her prom. Well, Joe had an idea on how to make up for that — by asking his mom to be his prom date. Aww!

    The pair went to prom, and the photos from that night are absolutely adorable! Twitter was losing it over the cuteness of the situation, and just how happy Joe’s mom looks! It’s amazing to see a 17-year-old show that kind of affection towards his mom. But did they have fun? Did they win prom king and queen? If the mom wants a real prom experience, it should end with her being angry and disappointed at an In-N-Out at the end of the night. Ah, high school!

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