Eliza Rose is Having a BABY!

Youtube creator Eliza Rose is a soon-to-be mommy!

Youtube creator Eliza Rose is a soon-to-be mommy! The 20-year-old Indiana native posted a picture of her ultrasound just two days ago with the words: “Hi Mom and Dad!!!” and “BABY!!!” Rose’s boyfriend, artist James Seville, also announced the news through his Instagram.

With almost 600,000 thousand subscribers and 164 thousand followers on instagram, the influencer rose to fame in 2013. She became a member of “The Rad and Reckless,” along with fellow influencers Olivia Rouyere, Griffin Arnlund, and Tatiana Ringsby. The channel was centered around beauty, lifestyle, DIY’s and vlogs. Rose also created a channel of her own that contains makeup and hair tutorials, vlogs, singing covers, advice and Q & A’s, not to mention her very candid videos regarding her mental health.

Although Rose is just 20 years old, she has been through some tough experiences in her life and openly shares her experiences with PTSD from sexual abuse as well as her struggles with anxiety and depression. In a video titled: “My Anxiety Attack Caught on Camera”, Rose reveals how she copes with her anxiety and the ways she uses it to come out stronger than before. She says:

“Instead of trying to focus your energy sitting somewhere and not thinking, try sitting there and thinking. Practice mindful meditation where you’re sitting there and you’re taking deep breaths and going through your senses. Be mindful of your surroundings and how you’re feeling.”

The video has racked up almost 500 thousand views, with the comments section flooded with positive remarks from subscribers, proving that Rose is an inspiration and role model to those all over the world.

Everyone at What’s Trending is wishing Liz the best in her pregnancy!

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