88-Year-Old Batter Charges Mound At Fantasy Camp

  • Before Major League Baseball gets going with Spring Training, some of a team’s wealthier (or more eccentric) fans will pay a few thousand dollars to go to “Fantasy Camp,” which is where you can pretend you’re a real life baseballer!

    You train, you hit, you pitch, all the fun stuff you haven’t been able to be publicly awful at since you were a kid.

    One fan at Rockies Fantasy Camp, 88-year-old Lew Dunlap, thought one pitch came a little bit too close to his dentures, and started to “charge” the mound. I put that word in quotations since it’s more of a protracted zombie stutter. Nevertheless, Dunlap was not about to settle for the old brushback — he got his message across. Don’t mess with him, or he’ll butter your bean and serve it raw.