This is Every Show on Network TV, Recreated with Stock Footage

  • Oh man, this new TV schedule looks awesome! New cop procedural! It’s got that guy I kind of recognize! And that quirky roommate sitcom looks hilarious! They’re so… quirky! And my mom’s going to love the new daytime show where women argue about stuff! Truly we live in the golden age of television!

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  • Oh wait. It’s all the same stuff every year. Got it.

    This video, from stock footage company Dissolve, is called “Faux Show.” And it’s pretty spot on! The vid is made entirely from stock footage, which is either an impressive example of Dissolve’s deep catalog of clips, or a sad acknowledgement that TV has been so samey for so long that even a stock company can make a convincing fake show.

    Regardless, we love “Weekly News Magazine.” (“For Olds Who Don’t Internet.”)