Is The President Being Stalked By A Snowman?

  • Fear is the elemental emotion which binds us all in an endless embrace of anxiety. We fear the unknown, we fear the inhuman, we fear beasts and creatures which are to take us and drag is into the winter be it man, beast or clown. Few are exempt from it, not even the president…

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  • Mr. President — Please! Look behind you! Mr. President no! The snowman is watching out your window! Look out— Mr. President!!!

    The White House Tweeted out this photo, quoting Disney’s Frozen but the results were a little more Cape Feare than I think anyone anticipated, and Twitter was alit with their hot takes!.

  • What do you think though? Should we fear the snow menace or is the snowman here in the name of friendship rather than any threat? Let us know on Twitter at @WhatsTrending and remember, the snowman cannot come to life if you don’t put the magic hat upon his head!