VIDEO: Woodpecker Pecks at Tesla

Peck the rich.

A woodpecker was caught pecking his little beak against a Tesla and I don’t know if there’s anything more fun than watching an animal mess around with a rich guy’s stuff.

There have been countless family movies, oft involving farts, that have been predicated much upon this very conceit. From the Brendan Fraser vehicle (masterpiece?) ‘Furry Vengeance’ to any number of Bugs Bunny cartoons where a big guy ruins Bugs Bunny’s home and Bugs Bunny ruins his life forever. Now, joining this oeuvre is this masterpiece of a video that we can only title, “Woodpecker Pecks at Tesla”.

It has all the makings of a classic comedy movie. It’s got a woodpecker, it’s got a Tesla, and most importantly —it’s got a nervous gentleman slightly off screen begging a woodpecker not to destroy his over priced electric car. “You better not crack my glass”, the Tesla’s owner says in a wimpy voice. “What are you doing!?” he pleads.

Hey, man. Peck the rich! That’s what I say. If I know the plot of my “animal vs. rich guy” motion pictures, he is 100% there to bulldoze your land and put up condos. Heck, we need woodpeckers like this in the cities. Have you seen the rising price of rent? Save us, animals. Peck at everyone’s Teslas!

This has been a lovely week for goofy animal videos in particular. We’ve had a dog covered in ducklings, we’ve had two lynxes screaming at each other and we’ve had a monkey playing in a ball pit. Is this week a renaissance for the concept of cute animals goofing around and having the time of their life? I would say so.

What are your favorite goofy animal videos? Feel free to add them in the comments, especially if they’re messing with the kind of person who owns a Tesla!

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