Man With Bionic Penis Loses Virginity At Age 44


I know what you’re thinking, WTF? Let us explain the situation first, before we get on with the story. Andrew Wardle is your typical middle-aged man – he works a 9-5 job, lives in an average home and spends his free time with his girlfriend. However, Andrew has a very big secret. A Bionic Penis.

Now, before you start laughing and begin picturing what this penis might look like, you must know Andrew’s rather upsetting reason for having this type of future genital. Andrew was born with a rare condition called ‘bladder exstrophy’, meaning that he was born without a penis. Luckily for Andrew, scientific technology has advanced so much, that doctors were able to create a fake penis, using only the skin from his arm.

One £50,000 surgical procedure later and Andrew was a whole new man, quite literally. However, Wardle was told that he had to leave his junk alone for six weeks before he could test it out. After those six weeks were up, it was Wardle’s birthday, and his 28-year-old girlfriend, Fedra Fabian, was planning on giving him the best birthday present of all.

That’s right, you guessed it! A trip to Amsterdam! Yeah, probably not the present you were thinking of…Well, that’s what Fedra had planned for the two, but in the days leading up to the trip, Wardle was told to do penis function exercises to make sure that his weiner would work whilst they were away. However, two days before the two were due to set off, Andrew got a bit carried away with his function tests and the moment he had been waiting for finally happened.

After this life changing moment, which Fedra called ‘a celebration of love’, the two were extremely happy and very loved up. So much so, that they have even discussed starting a family together! Andrew says that the possibility of starting a family is there, but if it turns out that they are unable to have children of their own, they would love to adopt two children and have a happy life together as a family of four. Aw, so sweet.

What a sweet love story that involved the term “bionic penis”.

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