My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart — Engaged!

Hannah Hart has announced her engagement to girlfriend Ella Mielniczenko.


Hannah Hart, the creator of the uber popular YouTube channel “My Drunk Kitchen” has announced in a video that she has gotten engaged to her girlfriend, Buzzfeed producer Ella Mielniczenko. Hannah created a video that shares the details of their relationship and the engagement. The video gets personal. Hannah in the video explains how she embraced the changes in her life as a proof of life, and how she used to fear that her queerness would deny her the chance at having a family due to the dearth of queerness in the world, and is happy that is not the case.

Said Hart — “It’s so exciting to share our engagement story. There is just not enough positive queer representation out there of the realities of being in queer relationships.. It means all the same things as heterosexual relationships. We cry when we get engaged and fall in love and find people we want to spend the rest of our lives with.” had the run down of just how this engagement went down.

The couple got engaged on the island of Oahu, where Hannah first said “I love you” to Mielniczenko. Said Hart: “When I think of the epitome of our relationship, it’s sitting on the beach at night without judgment,” The ring — which was left behind at home due to unforeseen circumstances. The ring was delivered in a sand castle bucket under two mini bottles of champagne. Ella thought the entire thing was a prank, until that ring made its way out of the box and was presented to her. Beautiful.

The couple is preparing for a lengthy engagement to prepare for an incredible 2020 wedding. We wish the couple the best.

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