Storybooth Shares Inspiring Story of Homeless Mom Who Became Valedictorian

This is beautiful.

Do you guys know about Storybooth? Well, you guys should know about Storybooth. Storybooth is an organization which take stories submitted by you, the good normal people of the world, and then sets them to animation. You can scroll through the YouTube page here, and find the story that best matches your mood or the thing you need to hear today. One story however has captured the internet’s imagination and sense of hope, and it is that of a woman named Zoila, who titled her video “Being a Homeless Teen Mom Didn’t Hold Me Back”. It’s the kind of reminder we need at Thanksgiving about the perseverance of the spirit, and the forces we have that both hurt the people around us, and that raise up the people around us. Check out the video above.

The video recounts how Zoila’s mom never wanted her truly, and would push the raising of her younger siblings onto her above her school work. When Zoila became pregnant at age 16, her mother pushed her out of the house. Thanks to Covenant House in Los Angeles however, Zoila had the tools to better her life– despite the difficulties they presented. Having to wake up at six am to drop her child off at daycare to make it to school was impossible, but it didn’t stop Zoila from becoming Valedictorian and going to her internship.

It’s a story of the perseverance of the human spirit, and if you’re an individual without a place to go, the video ends with the website for Covenant House, which can be found here. With everything going on in the world today, we can’t forget those who were laid victim by the needs of the economy, and help those who need our help. The video is an inspiration regarding the human spirit, and what is important in the world.

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