VIDEO: Larry King Does His Hedgehog Impression, Possibly of Sonic

What a sad hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been in the news as of late, as his movie is looking more and more like it’s going to be a historical disaster — which is kind of exciting. We haven’t had one of those in a very long time. One part of the Sonic movie that will not be absolute trash is of course Ben Schwartz. The man already brought BB-8 to life way back when, and now we have him voicing that tiny speedy boy, Sonic (the Hedgehog).

With the Sonic news going around, an absolutely surreal clip has surfaced online — that of Larry King doing his impression of a hedgehog. The prompt for this was simple: Larry King trying to get a scoop I’m sure he couldn’t give two craps about, but so be be it. Larry King was trying to get Ben Schwartz to do his voice for Sonic the Hedgehog, something that Ben Schwartz absolutely is NOT allowed to do, until the first trailer drops. On a move of this magnitude, every detail means the most to the advertising of it. Ben Schwartz however came up with a much more exciting solution: why doesn’t Larry King do the hedgehog impression?

And lo and behold, that eight time married member of the media put forth his glorious impression of the saddest most miserable hedgehog. A whiny flimsy voice of a hedgehog who complains about not having any friends, and living his life in isolation.

Ben Schwartz jokes that the moment the studios hear this clip, Larry King will immediately replace Ben Schwartz in the part, although with a voice that wimpy? I’m thinking maybe he can play Big the Cat. Big the Cat always had a more emo vibe.

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