VIDEO: Man Robs Car In Middle Of Traffic


In the brains of a select and paranoid few, our universe is constantly besieged by “Threepenny Opera”/Dickensian style ne’er do wells here to pick a pocket or too, or, in the case of this video seemingly designed for every paranoid brain to go “See! See! I told you all, see!”, rob a car right in the middle of traffic, his legs splayed out under the car as he separates a catalytic converter from the bottom of a parked vehicle’s belly. And no one stopped him!? Maybe the world actually is weird, amoral and chaotic. But I digress, check out the strange video below.

Hmm. Pretty brazen, right? How did this guy know no one was going to stop him? Did he correctly think the universe is full of self involved and craven louts here to put their interests first and the interests of others second? Or did he just want that car part right now and didn’t see any reason to delay gratification. Either way, weird crime, weird video, weird vibe, but man oh man, I hope you enjoyed it you schadenfreude loving freaks of nature.

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