VIDEO: UPS Delivery Man Dances For Spycam

Special delivery... is a dance!

It’s been a good month for UPS delivery people having adventures on spy cams attached to the doors. And now that we’ve seen one of the great trials of man, fighting and giggling with nature itself (remember that guy who had the raccoon crawl on its head?), and now we see video showing — man fighting himself! Or rather, dancing with himself, as when this UPS delivery man danced for the good people receiving their Christmas presents!

I’m sure that the people receiving their gifts were very happy about the extra gift– the gift of dance! What greater gift can there be than the freedom of movement and artistic expression, delivered to your very eyes! I don’t know what’s in the package. Sadly, unless someone wants to write the deep investigative article on this dancing spycam man video, I am afraid we will never know.

But for now we know this. Dance is beautiful. And folks. It is here.

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