VIDEO: Venom Reimagined As Romantic Comedy For Blu Ray Trailer

A heart full of ink...

Venom is such a weird cultural anomaly. Much like the symbiote who shares the movie’s name, the film is at once a success and a failure, making more money abroad than the Avengers, and loathed at home. It is a beloved audience crowd pleasure, and a piece of trash that should slither into a hole and die. Add to that the obsession with thicc Venom, and you get something that goes into the same universe as Batman and Robin more than Iron Man — a big weird movie for massive weirdos to gaze at lovingly. Thus, enter the new trailer for Venom, imagining the movie as a romantic comedy.

The movie is edited with schmaltz and weird vigor. We see Tom Hardy sitting lonely at a bar, quietly drinking. We see him kiss Venom, in a scene edited from the time he kisses the girl, and frankly I’m edited. Turn Venom into a queer icon, NOW. I mean, Venom is fluid, why can’t we acknowledge sexuality is fluid as well.

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