VIDEO: Is This Child Teleporting Into This News Cast?

Wether he is or isn't, it's a jarring video to watch!

Look, before some Twitter account called “Uh, Saved You A Click, Idiot” or “Um, Alright Buddy Here’s What The Article Is About, Stupid” calls me out, no, the child doesn’t actually teleport. Don’t worry, if there’s a scientific discovery as grand as particle teleportation, the news probably won’t break on What’s Trending Dot Com. That’s for breaking news from the Slo Mo Guys or whatever. But in the video above, it really looks like the kid is teleporting mid sentence while this woman is talking about England’s various political parties, isn’t it??

The reason we see the kid warp in as is, and it is absolutely jarring, you should watch the video for yourself — is due to a strange editing technology meant to delete the “ums” and “ahs” from a clip of a person talking, and seamlessly tie together a clip together.

According to WAXY, as quoted on Boing Boing:

This technique is known as a Morph Cut, a feature added to Adobe Premiere Pro in 2015, intended to smooth transitions in interview footage… without hard splices and cuts.

The results, when used appropriately in interview footage without a changing background, can be nearly seamless. It’s likely that BBC News used a morph cut in the clip above to tighten up the interview without changing its meaning. But it’s also ripe for abuse and fully capable of altering the meaning of an interview, and in many cases, undetectable.

Hmm. Much like that face swapping technology, that was almost immediately used for porn, any untraceable video editing technology feels like it can immediately be used for some not so great ends. Stalin messed with a nation just by being able to doctor photos. What is this then?

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