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Pop Stars Speak Out on Feminist Issues - #WTFem

Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande all had impressive moments in the media this week.

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    Don’t underestimate pop singers these days - a lot of them won’t put up with your crap anymore.

    Three big pop stars used their fame to speak out on important feminist issues in the last week. First we had Nicki Minaj taking to Instagram to call out a seriously questionable Bill Cosby Halloween costume. “Our generation is so desensitized,” she wrote in the caption, sparking discussion among her followers.

    Then there was Lady Gaga’s speech at the Emotion Revolution Summit about taking care of herself and learning to say no to things in her career, which you should listen to in full. “This is the age that we live in," she said about people's tendency to second-guess themselves. "We’re not actually communicating with each other, we are unconsciously communicating lies.”

    And finally there’s Ariana Grande, who had to put up with a bunch of sexist questions from a radio DJ and handled it with style, calling him out for implying that women can’t survive without makeup or their phones, and defending men’s right to use the unicorn emoji, because the unicorn emoji is awesome.

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