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Christina Milian on Domestic Abuse: “You Feel Like You’re Alone”

The reality TV star told What’s Trending why she chose to share her story.

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  • In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, singer and “Turned Up” reality TV star Christina Milian shared her shocking near-death experience as a victim of domestic violence when she was 18:

    "One time he played Russian Roulette on me. He put one bullet in a gun and pointed it at my face. When you have a gun in your face, all you can think about is your family and people who love you. […] Another time, he nearly killed me. I woke up to him choking me to the point I was barely able to scream out."

    At CES 2016, Milian explained to Shira Lazar why she chose to come forward about the experience at this point in her life.

    “I opened up about my experience with domestic abuse because I think it’s something that is so hidden and so in the dark. The unfortunate thing of going through something like that is you just kind of feel like you’re alone.”

    She said that seeing other women talk about their experiences helped her move forward, and she gained strength from strong female mentors in her life, from her mother to entertainment icons like Oprah and Beyonce.

    “I want to let girls and just anybody going through that know that they’re not the only ones that have been through it, and you can make your way out, and to be confident and feel better about themselves. It’s technically a brainwashing situation and it takes a lot to rebuild your confidence. But you can do it. Listen to that voice in your head that’s telling you that you need to leave.”

    Her motto for 2016: “Work hard and have a lot of fun! And also put your phone down. I don’t want to be on my phone too much - I need to get out and just have a good time.”

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