10 Important Steps to Prioritize in SEO in 2021

Don't skip out on these
By Andy Lalwani

Traditional methods have long gone, where decisions would have been made between a brochure, local newspaper ad, or a flyer. Now, in order to survive in this competitive world, businesses need to have an excellent online presence. Without an online presence, your business won’t be able to draw in the maximum amount of visitors. And every marketer knows that for your business to grow, you need customers. 

(10 Important Steps to Prioritize in SEO in 2021. Credit: Pixabay)

Whether you are new to the online realm or a seasoned marketer, driving traffic to your website can be daunting. Today, people are more advanced than ever with access to smart devices where they can search for products or services with a click of a button. And Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heart and soul of every successful business online. Being one of the most important sources of marketing. There are several strategies and tactics that you can implement with the help of edmonton seo services which will not only bring in traffic but also increase revenue. 

Times were simple when SEO simply meant adding keywords as many as possible to gain online visibility. The survival of every business depends on sales, and increasing sales requires having a strong digital presence. You need to make sure that when potential clients are looking for a service or product, they should come across your brand’s name instead of your competitors. And, SEO is exactly what you need to make it happen. You can visit a place like www.webcitz.com for further info.

What is SEO?

According to this SEO agency, SEO is a method of optimizing your website to its full capacity so that your site will ranker higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. With the help of SEO, you can optimize your site in such a way so that it can receive more clicks which will lead to more sales. Once people visit website, they now have an opportunity to either find a product or a service that would interest them.

(10 Important Steps to Prioritize in SEO in 2021. Credit: Pixabay)

The usual questions asked by online businesses are why low conversions even though high traffic? How to decrease bounce rates? And so much more. Most of the time, your audience or prospects aren’t as targeted as they should be. Thus when people visit your site, not all of them are considered as qualified leads to purchase your service or product. That’s why you must strategically optimize on-page and off-page SEO to see the best results. From physical visible changes to off-page strategies, they all play a key role in building authority and adding value to your site. SEO-optimized websites are favored by search engines as they want to provide the best sites to their online visitors.

10 Important Steps to Prioritize in SEO in 2021

With several strategies available online, here are a few important things to prioritize in SEO for 2021:

  • Relevance

There several factors that influence search engine results. That’s because search engines try to provide the most relevant results to their online visitors. The results that appear for searcher’s queries are based on an internal algorithm that decides the best sites at the top. Factors such as time, search history, location, etc can also affect your website ranking.

  • Target Keywords

Keywords can have the biggest on your site in drawing traffic. Using relevant keywords that representing your niche and placing them strategically on your site will help you build a successful website. Keywords help your business to reach out to the right audience who are in need of your service or product. Longtail keywords are a must because there is less competition for these phrases but they have high conversion rates.

  • Content Freshness

 By providing the right content at the right time, your website will be able to draw in traffic which will lead to more sales. But it is important for your content to be fresh and unique. That means you should also consider updating the content on your old webpages so that the information remains relevant. Outdated content increases your site’s bounce rates which send negative signals to search engines about your site. You can keep your content fresh by optimizing certain parts of your articles and even focus on adding evergreen content that can live on the web forever. Make sure your content matches your niche or else people won’t be encouraged to click your link.

  • Page Speed 

Being one of the crucial factors in SEO, fast websites help your site rank higher on search engines. If your webpage is load, there is a high chance that your potential customers will move on to another site. This reduces your opportunity for your brand to engage with customers with content and drive conversions. That’s why fast websites are more appealing to both users and search engines that’s why it leads to on-site conversions and SEO. You can optimize your site by making certain changes that can actually help in increase the speed of your page such as decrease image size, enable browser caching, an excellent web hosting provider, etc. Speaking of a good and affordable web host provider, if you are ina the hunt for a hosting provider. This comparison by Mangomatter Canada gives a pretty good idea of what the best web hosting services for Canada should look like!

  • Captivating headlines 

If your site has high-quality content and yet lacks good traffic results. You can try optimizing your titles by making them more attractive and enticing to your online visitors. If your headline is able to generate interest in your user, your content will be more clickable, shareable, and even help you rank higher in search engines by driving in more traffic.

(10 Important Steps to Prioritize in SEO in 2021. Credit: Pixabay)
  • Register on Google your Business

Google My Business is an excellent way to let Google and other search engines know where your business operates from. This results in having a higher website rank for people who are searching for content or business like yours in their geographical location. Local SEO works better with GMB as it helps your business appear on a search to people in your area.

  • Use Social Media

Although using social media channels may not directly affect your website but it is a great way to engage with customers. With people around the world active on social media, it is a great place to share your blogs and have fun user interactive posts. By adding social sharing buttons on your blogs and your website, users who would like to share your content can do so. This will help you reach more people and drive in more traffic. Search engines recognize businesses with social media sites and are deemed as active and trustworthy sites.

  • Mobile-friendly Website

Smartphones are more powerful than ever. The number of people using smartphones to connect, get informed, and navigate the Internet is growing by the hour. A mobile-friendly site is essential in garnering more visitors to your business which in turn could lead to a conversion. It is important to optimize your mobile-friendly site as it is not enough just to see it as a desktop view. It should have the right structure to fit the different sizes of smartphones out there, great speed, good readability, and much more. This helps your business reach a wider audience and also adds value to your brand.

  • Get Reviews

Feedback is an excellent tool that can help your sales. Before people can opt for any product or sales, the first thing they look for reviews or ratings. The higher the rating, the more likely they will opt for your service. It provides social proof and encourages new prospects in clicking your site. You can even add your feedback and positive reviews on GMB which will definitely help in driving traffic to your site.

(10 Important Steps to Prioritize in SEO in 2021. Credit: Pixabay)
  • Create Backlinks

Another important strategy in SEO is to create backlinks for your site. It basically means linking pages from other authoritative and relevant sites as sources on your page. Your backlinks are earned by reaching out to other sites that are within your industry and requesting that they link to you. When an external site links to your site, it sends positive signals to search engines that your site is trustworthy and this helps increase your ranking on search result pages. 


This list only scratches the surface!  There are several more ways that you can consider to rank high on search engines which not only drives in traffic but also boosts sales.