Tallest High School Basketball Player Shows His Skills

Are they even skills though? Does he even break a sweat doing this? Regardless he is awesome.
By Chris Sulva
  • 7’5 Tacko “Taco” Fall Is The Tallest High School Player In The World

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    Stop everything! What.

    First of all, none of these points should count. I thought dunking in high school is illegal. Or is that middle school? I don’t know; I didn’t play basketball. But, one thing I do know is that this is the most absurd thing I have seen in a while. His nickname is Taco! Oh, and he’s pretty tall, 7 foot 5 to be exact. But, you already knew that. At one point in the video I had to do a double take because when he plays it looks the court is Lego-sized. That’s how tall he is. Does he even know how to jump? He just stands in front of the net and the ball could be all the way on the other side of the court, but he’d still grab it, or block it, or dunk it. He also is revolutionizing glasses in sports. Good for you Taco and best of luck to you.