Ready. Set. Augmented Reality!

Today only, Google Glass is available for all Americans.
By Bryce Christian
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    You think Ray-Bans are in? Psshhh. That’s so 2012.

    Google, being the kind, warm people that they are, is offering their Google Glass to us commoners today. Hopefully you didn’t spend too much of last week’s paycheck, because Glass will cost you a cool $1,500.

    The glassware is taking technology one step forward with augmented reality. The lens will function as your standard computer or smartphone display, capable of taking pictures, web searching, GPS navigation and social media interaction. Sounds pretty cool, right?

    Then comes the issue of design. Google made some valiant efforts to redesign Glass and now offers it in an array of styles. You know when you try on sunglasses in a store and the sensor tag is awkwardly attached and you can’t really tell if you like them or not? Well, that’s what they look like. I can see Miranda Priestly pursing her lips as I type.

    But sometimes it’s not about what’s on the outside; you can take a picture with your sunglasses on command!

    Now, do I have like three or four volunteers to go splitsies with me? We can set-up some type of custody agreement or something. We’ll talk later.

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