Vine Stars Join Us To Talk “Super Happy Fun Time Yay!”

On Monday at 4 PST, the Vine superstars of the new show SHFTY join us live!
By Gaby Dunn
  • SHFTY ~ Super Happy Fun Time, Yay!

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    The Vine stars of SHFTY join us live on Monday 4/21 at 4pm PST. Tweet us your questions for them #wtlive!

    Check out the description below:

    It’s time to laugh with all your favorite Viners, in their first YouTube show! SHFTY takes all the funny stuff you love about Vine and explodes it all up in your eye-holes! Sketches! Pranks! Parodies! Celebrity Interviews! Super Happy Fun Time, Yay!

    Starring Brittany Furlan, KC James, Brandon Calvillo and Klarity. And featuring Ry Doon, Jason Nash, Sunny Mabrey, Olivia Sui, Rudy Mancuso, and Alphacat.

    Directed by Christiano Covino.