World’s Other Toughest Job Takes Applications

To get this job you must answer the tough questions like "How high can you wear your pants?" and "Finish This Sentence for me: When I was your age..."
By Molly Semes
  • Worlds Most Up For Whatever Job | #UpForWhatever | Bud Light

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    Would you apply to be the “Director of Whatever?” You better prepare your outdated pop culture references.

    This spoof of the Card Store’s viral mom appreciation video is great. Bud Light shows that dads also deserve some credit. The original video that gives moms the appreciation they deserve is touching, but left me thinking that dads deserve just as much recognition as moms for the job they do. So, when I saw this parody/dad tribute, I was on board.

    As it should, the dad version of “World’s Toughest Job” includes some comedy and some beer. Good job, Bud Light. “You ever walked up a hill both ways?”