OMG: Watch One Direction Get Up Close And Weird In “You and I” Music Video

Your dream of having all five guys in one is now possible, for roughly two minutes.
By Bryce Christian
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    It’s official: One Direction’s favorite class at Hogwarts is transfiguration. After becoming female versions of themselves in last summer’s “Best Day Ever” video, the lads are now becoming one another in their new “You and I” video, directed by Ben Winston.

    In a series of rather awkward solos, each bandmate morphs into the next while walking the world’s longest boardwalk. But it makes sense, I guess.

    “Not even the gods above, could separate the two of us.”

    They can’t be separated, people! But that would imply they’re involved in a five-way relationship. Hmm…

    And it wouldn’t be a One Direction video without some crazy, off-the-wall antics. This time, they elected for a fun game of jumping into suspended versions of themselves–and playing with balloons (random much?).

    “You and I” is the group’s fourth single from their third album, “Midnight Memories.”

    Tell us what you think! And how much would you pay for the sweater shared by the guys?