Can Your Heart Handle Darren Criss And A Great Big World Together?

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  • A Great Big World – Already Home

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    Could there be anything better than Darren Criss and A Great Big World together? The answer is yes, Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr together in an A Great Big World video.

    A Great Big World, the band known first and foremost for their heart-wrenching hit, “Say Something,” delivers yet another beautiful song in “Already Home.” This time they include Darren Criss and Jessica Szohr in the music video.

    This video is not only fantastic because it involves Darren Criss (that alone would of course be enough!) but also because the story between him and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa from “Gossip Girl,” guys!) on different coasts is really interesting and emotional. We can all relate to missing someone. So, once again A Great Big World tugs at my heart strings! However, this time it has a positive message. Thank goodness! I don’t think my fragile heart could take another “Say Something” so soon.

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