Watch Kevin Durant’s Inhuman Four-Point Play

It's the NBA Playoffs. Go big or go home.
By Bryce Christian
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    With just 13 seconds left in the Game 2 NBA Playoff between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Memphis Grizzlies, Thunder forward Kevin Durant went for the impossible.

    Durant’s team was down 93-98 when he received a pass (also pretty spectacular) from teammate Russell Westbrook. With milliseconds to think, Durant went for the three-pointer–while falling backward, mind you–and made it. You know, no big deal.

    Sweeter yet, Durant was fouled and awarded a free throw. Made that too, obviously, sealing his four-point play for this team.

    Despite Durant’s monumental effort to get his team even and into overtime, the Grizzlies eventually prevailed 111-105, but that will not be what the Oklahoma City crowd remember of last night. I think we should expect an ESPY–possible Oscar–nomination for KD this year.