Emma Stone never fails to be the coolest and say what's on all of our minds.
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    When Andrew Garfield was asked by a little boy how Spiderman got his costume, Andrew said that Spiderman sewed it. This is a great answer, but it’s what he said next that could be construed as sexist and Emma Stone was not having any of that. He made the misake of saying that sewing is a feminine act. Emma of course had to slyly ask “feminine how?”Andrew replies “it’s amazing that you took that as an insult.” Emma is not shaken by this. She tells him that she’s not taking it as an insult, she’s just asking how it is feminine.

    At this point Andrew starts backpedaling like crazy (and pretty successfully, if I do say so myself.)

    This is all fantastic because Emma Stone is so strong and sassy. She doesn’t stand for even the slightest hint of sexism. Andrew goes on to cover his butt by saying that we all have a little bit of femininity.

    Though Emma standing her ground for feminism was awesome, My personal favorite part of this video has to be Jamie Foxx at the end saying that he isn’t feminine at all. He’s all macho. Oh, Jamie…

    This video is great! Check it out here! Let us know what you think of the couple’s squabble.