How To Become A Vine Superstar

Vine stars Brittany Furlan and SHFTY cast reveal their secrets.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Vine Sensations and Endemol Beyond’s SHFTY.TV stars Brittany Furlan, Klarity, Brandon Calvillo, and Christiano Covino reveal how to be successful on Vine, and how they come up new content.

    They share the secrets that led them to gain millions of followers, other than, you know “be funny.”

    While a lot of this new community tend to hang out together and produce content non-stop, Brittany pointed out, “I hang out with Viners that I don’t Vine with… We’ll do normal things.”

    The group noted that there’s a balance between your own brand, or jumping on trends like the Naenae dance or the selfie trend. The idea is to turn it on its head and make fun of it.

    “Treat Vine as your business and you have to be smart about it,” Klarity said. “If the Naenae is popular at that time, you gotta do it.”

    “The stuff is trendy but you can add onto it,” Brittany noted.