Guy Vlogs Tripping On LSD In The Desert

Thanks to the power of vlogging we can now all enjoy this guy tripping on LSD in the desert!
By Shira Lazar
  • LSD Trip in Thar Desert

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    If you go to Eddy Gordo’s YouTube channel, you’ll find videos of visits to India, his grandfather’s Hindu funeral and him playing The Terminator and Tekken video games. But, one that has definitely caught the web’s attention beyond any other has to be this epic video he shot of himself in the middle of the desert tripping on LSD. The long winded description of the video recounts his experience but trust me, this is a must watch!

    “well the video was just shot in the starting of Trip, later on what i had experienced in next 25 Hours i will not be able to describe it totality,and no camera can catch it except my own eyes , utter bliss to make u cry, terror, Beauty & Nuclear bomb exploded inside my Skull.

    it was the most beautiful and yet frightening experience of my life, i spend whole day from Noon 12 & whole night in Thar Desert, i was alone in whole Thar Desert accept lots of Scorpion ,insects lolz, snakes come in Desert not in this month but in may ,june haaaa heeee but i will advice Tripping in Desert is not for everyone ,it can be tough job,as body need proper nourishment water etc also, during tripping, and my water got finished lolz very earlier , i bear hotness of desert as well as coldness in night, .The Dose was very Strong & Visions were like anything spectular i had seen ever seen…..knowledge , beauty , & Universal Love, as well as Death & Destruction. lolz it was all Paradoxical, and i was wrong earlier, we can learn a lot , a lot, can improve a lot , from a Bad Trip, bad trip is not really bad trip, it is Good Trip :)))) & finally when i was going to Jaisalmer city from Sam Desert in morning,as i came out of Desert, everyone was laughing at me , Haaaaa Heeee, some also scare off as my face was full of sand dust, & eyes were Red like red light.when i see my face in mirror in hotel , i got scared lolz, .but i can see the magic, of being polite, magic of softening my ego, things which could have effected earlier in the city, did,t touched me, i was smiling, was lost into Trace, i was feeling kind of affection who so ever i obseve in the city from animals to Humans, all living beings.

    Lessons Learned

    i acheived not some Ego Death, but Ego softening.

    That when u hurt a living being

    u hurt your own soul

    when u love a living being

    u love your own own soul

    that when u behave badly with someone, you did,t harm him actually, u left a impression, and if the impression is bad, it harm your own soul,and u will smell very badly lolz ,even those who love u will turn u down,but if u love all, smile always, even your enemies will calm down, & u will spread your Fragnance every where , all will love u & u will love all.

    Therefore i will say sorry to all those Human beings whom i had hurted in the Past…and if you had done so, than go for it because after sometime there will be nothing left but regret..i forgive everyone who so ever had hurted me , and i forgive myself for hurting them, but if make your soul strong, nothing in this Universe can hurt u, u are ATHAM, u are Brahman, u are Universe.

    That Love & Happiness, kindness are Strongest weapons in the world,not war weapons, look at the life of King Ashoka, his biography was in my front me when i was Tripping & i cried out, and i decide that i will try to spread Smile & love as much i can in this Universe.

    i learned what Leary had said ” If you want to change the way people respond to u, change the way u respond to people ”

    if u look in eyes of any living beings ,deeply than u will see that they are craving for Love, for affection, so lets spread it in the whole world as much as we can,although it is not possible to make everyone Happy but we can try our best to minimize pain and Increase Happiness.

    i realize earlier i was what ??? i was so wrong, so wrong, in so many planets… and i need to Transform myself for better , i need to change myself …and now i am feeling strong, things which were hurting me before, is not even touching me anymore, and i am feeling Love for all living beings lolz, it is blasting from my nerves..

    Love u all,all living beings in this Universe :))))))

    lets Smile, lets love each other to our Best & make this World a Beautiful Place :))))”