An Eco-Friendly Kids’ Book That Sets A Good Example

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    “The Old Red Barn” is a children’s book written by Kevin Kelly and Chris Laingen that teaches kids about eco-responsibility and with the help of donors through Kick Starter, will also benefit the environment with every book they sell.

    The cool thing about this book is that it not only teaches children about saving the environment, but it takes action towards doing just that. Every book will be printed on recycled paper, made in America, and for every book sold, one tree will be planted.

    This Kick Starter needs to raise $30,000 to be able to actually make this project happen. I can definitely get behind this cause. It’s genius to create a book that not only gets out a good message to kids, but actually sets an example of giving back to our planet. Check out the Kick Starter here and donate if you support it! He explains his mission and his plan very well so go check it out:

    Old Red Barn (Let’s Build A Forest) Kick Starter

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