The Inventor Of Kellogg’s Is The Reason For Circumcision?

Yes, you heard me correctly.
By Molly Semes
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    “You learn something you don’t need to know every day.” Ok, so that’s not the real quote, but as a fan of useless knowledge and trivia, I think it’s better that way. Whether the information in this CollegeHumor sketch is true (giving you a new fun fact!) or not, it’s hilarious.

    “Adam Ruins Everything” once again as he swoops in on this couple in another inopportune moment to screw up their day with history. Whether you’ve wondered why you or someone else (I don’t know what you think about) is circumcised, Adam is here to answer that question. He also confirms what we all know to be true, all dicks look weird.

    Watch the video here!