Andrew Garfield’s Singing Debut

Andrew Garfield serenaded audiences on "The Tonight Show" and it was as fantastic as I've always imagined it would be.
By Molly Semes
  • Andrew Garfield Plays The Spider-Man Theme

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    Someone told Jimmy Fallon that Andrew Garfield knows how to play guitar so he of course, “just happened” to have a guitar on hand when Andrew was on the show. Andrew claims that he’s never sang in public before, but based on his performance and how comfortably he struts across the stage. I call shenanigans on that one.

    He tells Jimmy that he can play simple Cat Stevens and Neil Young songs, but that’s not what ends up sharing when he nervously takes the guitar. He first makes an incredible “Adele Nazim” reference before starting right into the “Spider-Man” theme song. Jimmy joins in on the tambourine and all my prayers were answered. This performance is perfect and important (at least to me.) Check out our coverage of the video in our Trending Now segment!