This Hooters Girl Screwed Up, Which Makes It One Of The First Interesting Things To Happen At A Baseball Game

A Hooters ballgirl tossed a live ball to the crowd during a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays.
By Jonathan Harris
  • Hooters Ballgirl Picks Up Live Baseball And Tosses it To Crowd

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    Ball boys and ball girls — can we just say ball people? — are behind first and third bases during a baseball game to pick up foul balls and toss them to excited children of both genders.

    Sometimes, balls are hit and it’s not clear if they’re fair or foul. This happens frequently at every 8-hour snooze-a-thon we call America’s national pastime. This one involving a Hooters ballgirl happened to be captured on video, though we should point out that it happened during spring training in 2013, and is now having a bit of a resurgence on the Trending wire.

    Bleacher Report did a nice little roundup of errors involving Hooters girls at Phillies games last year. They all involve minor mistakes by people peripherally familiar with the sport, and chauvinist remarks from commentators.