Guy Dances For 100 Days And Makes A Sweet Compilation Video

The Napoleon Dynamite dance could be making a comeback all thanks to Matt Bray's bucket list.
By Gaby Dunn
  • 100 Days of Dance

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    This video, part of one guy’s effort to cross things off his lifetime bucket list, is mesmerizing. Matt Bray dances the Napoleon Dynamite dance for 100 days and makes a compilation video where his clothes change whenever he moves.

    More than that, you can see how often he does laundry, cuts his hair, or cleans the room he’s in. It’s hypnotizing. The video is part of Project One Life, where Bray is documenting himself doing everything on his bucket list. He wanted to do a project where he took a photo of himself every day but he thought this would be better.

    Nothing left for any of us to do but dance!