Watch Michelle Obama Get Busted Eating Ice Cream

Vice President Biden and Julia Louis Dreyfus create this silly video and Michelle Obama makes an awesome cameo
By Brianna Baxter
  • Vice President Biden and Julia Louis Dreyfus : White House Correspondents’

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    The first lady, Michelle Obama has made her thoughts on healthy eating known. She has launched several initiatives to fight child obesity and supports the advertisement of strictly healthy foods in schools. In this video featuring Vice President Joe Biden and Vice President Selina Meyer — who is actually Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ character from the HBO show “Veep”– Michelle walks in on the two sneaking a few bites of ice cream in the White House kitchen. She immediately scolds them and ‘Selina Meyer’ responds, “this is a carrot.” After Michelle kicks them out of the kitchen she takes a scoop of the ice cream and shovels it into her mouth, only to be caught in the act. The video was intended to entertain those who attended the 2014 White House Correspondents’ dinner. It made its way onto YouTube so the world can see how silly Joe Biden looks when he tries to be cool. Meanwhile, Michelle just doesn’t have to try.