Shira sat down with Lizzie Velasquez to get her story and her advice on staying positive and loving yourself.
  • Lizzie Velasquez and the Secret to Being Happy | #GetHappy

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    In the debut episode of our new series #GetHappy, Lizzie Velasquez dished on how to stay ahead of the haters and live a happy, positive life.

    Lizzie has been through a lot with the internet as it was once her worst enemy and is now one of her biggest tools. She has so much insight about dealing with bullies and not letting them get you down. She shares her wisdom with Shira in this video! “I quickly learned that everyone has their opinion. Some might not like you, some will, but it’s your decision if you’re going to let it kind of come into your world or if you’re just gonna kind of walk past it and keep going.”

    She is now focused on something bigger than herself and hopes to use her experience to help countless others. “My really big mission right now is to help make the internet a more positive place for anybody of any age.”

    She has a lot of insight and experiences to share and is currently working on a documentary about all of it. “There’s an entire journey and story behind me just talking about my life and I want people to see that.”

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