Sara Bareilles Helps Couples Propose

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  • Sara Bareilles Plays Cupid for 2 Couples in “I Choose You” | What’s Trending Now

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    Sara Bareilles asked fans if they wanted her to help any of them propose to their significant others. She then chose 2 different fans to help, and they got the full romantic treatment. I don’t know about you, but if Sara Bareilles was singing while someone proposed to me, I’d be down no matter what! Not only did she sing, but she helped them set up their super cute proposals! The whole process, including the actual proposal was filmed and made for an aww-inducing music video to Sara’s song “I Choose You.” Seriously, I got goose bumps watching it.

    Also, this song is so underrated! I’ve loved this song since I discovered it on a free song card in Starbucks (a Sara Bareilles song on a free song card?! I was shocked too!) It’s so perfectly romantic, poetic, and sweet without making me want to puke for being single. When a love song (and in this case super sweet video) can make me say aww without being at all cynical, that’s a job well done. …I didn’t say it didn’t make me jealous, just not cynical.

    So, that’s enough of me gushing. Go watch this!

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