Lana Del Rey Takes Us To The West Coast And It’s On Fire?

Lana put up her new video today and it left me with some questions.
By Molly Semes
  • Lana Del Rey – West Coast

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    Now, I’m just gonna be honest here, don’t hurt me! …I’m not the biggest Lana fan. I know that that’s a very unpopular opinion and I see why. She’s beautiful and has a really interesting voice. I respect that, but her brand of being sad all the time is just not my cup of tea. I like melancholy music just as much as the next person, but for some reason, she just brings down my mood like crazy and I do not like that. It also just kind of makes me feel bad for her. I want her to have something positive to sing about!

    So, you can see how surprised I was when Lana’s new video for “West Coast” started almost upbeat and showing a happy Lana along the beach with a shaggy-haired lover. I thought to myself, “Oo, maybe Lana is happy sometimes! Maybe that was just a stage.” However, the video and song quickly changes tones as it flips to shots of her in a car with an older man. Now I’m just confused. Did she give up the young guy she loved for an old guy with money? Does she love this old man? Is she happy?? (it’s hard to tell.) Then they flip back to the beach scene and I continue to look for signs of the what the story is.

    Just as I think I might be getting a grasp on it, bam! Lana’s on fire! These are cool shots but I’m just perplexed as to what is going on! So many questions were running through my head and I was just left thinking “what is she going for?” So, basically what I’m saying is I don’t like Lana’s new video, but I’m also not saying I dislike it because sometimes not having a clear cut story is great. I’m just puzzled as to what just happened and why it happened. …so, I’m not too into it, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Watch it for yourself and see if you understand it. Please clear it up for me if you have any insight into Lana’s brain! and if so, make her a little bit happier, because I feel bad that she has such negative thoughts all the time. See, I may not be her biggest fan, but I’m only thinking of her.