Bill Nye Shuts Down CNN Host Over Climate Change

The host keeps using the phrase "scare tactics" and Nye corrects her that it's just information and facts.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Bill Nye on CNN Fighting With Idiots

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    Bill Nye is too good for this world.

    On Crossfire, the hosts try to fight with him about the way the government handles informing people about climate change. He shouldn’t have to answer to these lowest common denominator a-holes.

    Don’t know how he remains calm while these TV pundits argue with him about facts. “There’s the essence of the problem,” Nye said. “The science and research says yes, you say no.”

    Host S.E. Cupp tells Nye he’s bullying and “shaming” people who have different opinions by you know…presenting facts. She also calls him and his ilk “science people.”

    You know what? Maybe it’s for the best if the Earth just explodes.