Kina Grannis Celebrates “Elements” Release at The Troubadour

Kina Grannis celebrated the release of her first studio album in four years with family, friends, and fans last night at the Troubadour in West Hollywood.
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Troubadour


    Last night at a sold out show, popular YouTube musician, Kina Grannis celebrated the release of her new album “Elements’ at the Troubaour in West Hollywood. In attendance were her family, friends, colleagues, and of course, her fans.

    The night opened with Imaginary Future playing songs from his album “Fire Escape,” which actually features vocals from Grannis as well. He performed an enthralling solo set, including his well known cover of Lorde’s “Team.”

    You can purchase Imaginary Future’s album here.

    Kina Grannis and her band (Jesse Epstein on guitar, Jon Titterington on Keyboard, and Darla Hawn on drums) opened their set with the recently popular “Dear River.” (You can watch the music video here.)

    Later on in the night, Kina brought out younger sister, Emi to assist her singing harmonies. Missing was the eldest Grannis sister, Misa to assist on the lower harmonies, which were expertly sung by drummer, Darla Hawn in Misa’s place.

    Overall, the night was a great way to celebrate the release of “Elements” unto the universe with many highlights along the way. Including Imaginary Future’s Lorde cover, the ever endearing “classic Kina” moments, including a speech thanking her fans for bringing her career to where it is now. Drummer Darla Hawn was also a crowd favorite last night, at one point playing the tambourine in one hand, her drum kit with the other and both feet, all while singing harmonies. Talk about multi-tasking!

    Even those not able to attend the release show celebrated with Kina today, as pre-ordered copies of “Elements” have been arriving on awaiting doorsteps over the past few days.

    “I just popped the cd in. So I’m only on the 4th song, but her voice just makes me so at peace. It’s great. ” – Vivian Nguyen, student in Rochester, New York

    As a long time kinerd myself, I could not be any prouder of this album or the amazing artist behind it. Pick up your copy of “Elements” here.