A Complete Roundup Of Bryan Silva’s FuFu Lame Shit #Gratata

The biggest douchebag on Vine has become the funniest meme. Is Bryan Silva real or a character?
By Gaby Dunn
  • Who Is Bryan Silva?

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    Bryan Silva came smashing into our lives again this week after rumors of his death were greatly exaggerated. He’s a Vine star, a porn star, a white rapper, and a terrible person.

  • Vine’s Biggest Douchebag is Not Dead! #GRATATA | What’s Trending Now

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    Earlier this week, Silva was reported dead by the blog Huzler for over-usage of the ‘N’ word, however, he’s still very much alive! This inaccurate article also boosted Bryan’s popularity, and got his signature gun noise #GRATATA to trend on Twitter.

  • Silva’s Vines began going viral in early April, mostly due to his wack rap lyrics and the strange sound he made to indicate firing a gun: gratata. Since then, #gratata’s become a hilarious hashtag, meme, and all around great joke.

    In many of his videos, he stands in front of his bathroom mirror in his underwear and talks in a sing-song voice about hood stuff. Since then, Silva has gained 300,000 Vine followers. Internet archive “Know Your Meme” also created an entry explaining “gratata” here.

    Silva was later revealed to be a gay porn actor under the name Max Payne and goes by the rap name T-Rex. As T-Rex, he’s apparently also releasing full-length music. It’s not good!

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    The kid appears to live in Charlottesville, VA, a pretty nice suburb, even though he claims to be from the hood. He also WAY overuses the N-word and brags about making women “wet.” Swag, bitch. (No, not swag. Not swag at all.)

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  • So what do you think? Is Bryan Silva funny? Would you follow him on Vine? Is he one of the four horsemen of the coming apocalypse? (That’s my bet.)

    Okay, that’s enough Internet for today.