Terrifying Slovak Prank Is Awesome and Funny

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  • Epic Revenge Ghost Prank On Friend

    Source: www.youtube.com / Via: www.youtube.com

    We love prank videos at the What’s Trending headquarters, especially if they inflict terror on others. This one in particular comes from Slovakia (I looked up the language on Google Translate). The creator of the video wanted to get revenge on his friend Erik for reasons that were left unsaid. He did so by using two creepy girls who are a mix between the twins from “The Shining,” and the girl from “The Ring.” I guess they just know how to scare people well in Slovakia. And it appears they can publicly urinate as well. That was a good ten seconds I didn’t need to see. But it certainly added to the suspense.

    This would be the only case where you wouldn’t want to wear your seat belt: on a lonely, dark road in Slovakia. But the real question here is where did that other girl go? Let’s hope for a sequel.

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