YouTuber Calls Out Instagram For Removing Butt Photo

Singer Meghan Tonjes had a photo of her butt in underwear flagged, simply because she is fat.
By Gaby Dunn
  • Dear Instagram. (F.A.T) @INSTAGRAM

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    Every week, Meghan Tonjes posts a video called “FAT,” Frequently Asked Tonjes. This week, she had a personal gripe with Instagram, which removed a photo of her fully clothed butt. Meghan has posted lots of photos of her body on her weight loss journey and also as a reminder to love herself and her body.

    She argues that because the reaction to her body as sexual is not her fault, but the fault of those who have the reaction. She also says there’s a lack of positive portrayals of big girls’ bodies in media, and on Instagram, photos of other girls butts remain posted.

    “I would hope that it’s a goal of yours as a platform that close-minded people can’t abuse your report feature,” she said.

    So what gives?