Is Grace Helbig The Internet’s Tina Fey?

Grace Helbig in undeniably taking the internet by storm. With her book announcement, talks of a show on E!, and established success on the Grace Helbig the Tina Fey of the internet?
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • Grace Helbig has already won over the heart of many a netizen, but will Helbig be able to pull more fans into her internet world with Grace’s Guide?

    Over the past six years, we’ve watched Helbig ascend to her throne as Queen of The Internet. From house sitting vlogs, lip dubs, to starring in her own feature length movie. Grace has proven herself to be a force on the web to keep your eye on, as it would seem the internet isn’t the only audience she’s after.

    Within the past year alone, the world has seen Grace appear on MTV’s Nikki and Sara Live, E!’s Chelsea Lately, HLN, and as a contestant multiple times on Comedy Central’s @midnight.

    The biggest feat for Grace and friends, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart in the past year was executively producing and starring in their first feature Camp Takota. The movie was written by the trio’s own Mamrie Hart.

    There’s also news of a potential show on E! for Grace, which raises the question…Is Grace the next Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, or Mindy Kaling? The answer to that question is yes!….Also, no.

    Sure, Grace Helbig is a funny girl that’s now writing a book that will probably contain the same inkling of the, “It’s okay to be ambitious and funny at the same time. Work hard, but remember to have fun!” message. But is it fair game to compare Helbig to any of these funny, female heroes before her? Was Tina Fey ever the “next” somebody else?

    While Helbig might be following the same steps as some before her, I truly believe that she is a pioneer in her own right.

    It feels ludicrous to place a force like Grace Helbig in the shadows of another. The same way that Camp Takota seemed to fall under the shadow of the stars’ YouTube videos, and was largely described by many as watching a longer version of their videos. Instead of being seen for what it was, a feature film written by a person who is known from YouTube, starring people also known from YouTube.

    I fully expect the gap between new and old media to be bridged in my lifetime. And I really believe that Grace Helbig is leading the charge, donning a metaphorical hardhat, and building a solid foundation for future creators to build upon. So, people may liken Grace as the internet’s version of Tina Fey to simply avoid letting people in on the fact that we spend hours watching a girl talk to a camera five days a week. But rest assured, whether it’s a new book, a new show, or a new movie Grace Helbig has proved she has the power to make a name for herself, and that is simply “Grace Helbig.”

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