This battered man falls down a crevasse and tries to climb out.
  • HImlung Crevasse Fall 01

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    In a series of videos on his small YouTube channel, John Epal shows how he fell while climbing and the harrowing journey to get back out.

  • Himlung Crevasse Fall 02

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    After climbing for about 35 minutes, he still wasn’t much closer and “kept having to climb to my right in order to find terrain I could climb in my shattered condition,” he writes.


  • Himlung Crevasse Fall 03

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    Oh my god, another hour and a half goes by and he realizes he can’t climb the soft snow and has to crawl in the harder ice.

    “Hope brings frustration sometimes,” he wrote.


  • HImlung Crevasse Fall 04

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    Another 30 minutes of climbing, he’s finally made some progress.

    “I knew I could do it, but is still took another chunk of time to escape,” he says. “I was damn lucky.” And as traumatized as he is having gone through it, anyone who finished these videos is also probably happy to be at home, under a blanket, eating chips — and not out climbing around in ice craters.