You’re “Old”? Really? Are You?

CollegeHumor wants you to shut up about being old if you're only 20-something
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • If You’re Only 20-Something, Stop Saying You’re Old

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    “Your grandpa thinks he’s old because he fought in World War II. You think you’re old because you saw Mean Girls in theaters and you’re an idiot.”- CollegeHumor

    As a young person, only a few weeks away from 21 (if you choose to send me an Amazon gift card, I wouldn’t not take it), I am IN LOVE with this video. Simply because I’ve had a select few friends who, I swear, are almost ADDICTED to telling me how old they are…when we’re the same age. The kicker? THEY’VE BEEN TELLING ME ON THEIR BIRTHDAY EVERY YEAR SINCE WE WERE SIXTEEN!

    Really? You’re old? ARE YOU? Some of us still had to wait for our PARENTS to pick us up at that time!

    Even now, since most my friends have either turned or will turn 21 this year, the sentiment that they’re getting “old” is all I hear and this video depicts so accurately how I feel about it. So, if you’re my age and you’re constantly badgering your friends about how old you are, please do yourself a favor and kindly shut up.