The Company Dance Team Impresses With Synchronization

Can't tell if robots or humans....
By Mai Linh Nguyen
  • The Company [2nd Place] | Vibe XIX 2014 [Front Row]

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    While the Vibe Dance Competition happened back in January, this video of the 2nd place winners blew up on Reddit last night, and my initial reaction to the entire 6 minute routine was this exactly:

    Followed by a little bit of..

    I can barely walk in a straight line without toppling over or tripping over myself, and here’s a group of people in PERFECT. SYNCHRONIZATION. I don’t even understand how this works.

  • Academy Of Villains [1st Place] | Vibe XIX 2014 [Official]

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    So, if it wasn’t the super humanoids of The Company that took first place at Vibe, who was it? The answer to that would be the dance and theater masters, Academy of Villains.

    Equally, if not more impressive. Will also make you feel just as insignificant. That I can confirm.