What’s Up With Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Underground?

The pizza-themed band was booed off stage at a festival this weekend, but are they all bad?
By Gaby Dunn
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    Looks like it wasn’t such a “pizza day.”

    Actor Macaulay Culkin and his Velvet Underground pizza-themed cover band, The Pizza Underground, were booed off stage this weekend at the Dot to Dot Festival in England.

    The New York City-based band might seem silly, and the music is meant as comedy but this crowd took offense to the changes to Lou Reed’s songs according to tweets from the event. Culkin and his group had performed successfully at other UK festivals. He tweeted that he was “sorry a couple people ruined it for everyone.”

    Others were upset that the music was terrible and that the band seemed to only have a one-note joke.

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  • The band recently performed at legendary New York alt comedy show Whiplash at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater to rave reviews. Twitter buzzed with positive comments about the band’s performance. So it’s unclear what went wrong in Nottingham.

    Reports on the band’s prowess and humor are varied, as reviews are with most musical acts that aren’t Beyonce.

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  • The Pizza Underground also weren’t the only gimmicky band at the festival. Right before them, the group Pussy Joel — a band covering Billy Joel songs with cat themes — performed. Both bands are Internet love letters considering how much the web loves both pizza and cats.

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    Check out the above interview/performance on Vice’s Noisey channel for more evidence.

  • Pizza Underground isn’t the enemy. After all the silly self-awareness involved in Culkin’s and Ryan Gosling’s shirt-ception fad, we should have some faith that the former “Home Alone” star gets his own joke.

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    Give them a cheesy chance! Take a walk on the pizza side! You get it!