The Goat and The Burro

A goat named Mr. G is reunited with his best friend Jellybean the burro.
By Gillian Burnett
  • Mr. G and Jellybean

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    Get ready to have your heartstrings pulled, in this real-life version of The Fox and the Hound. Only this version has a happy ending and leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling.

    This adorable video posted by Animal Place/First Spark Media, tells the story of a lonely little goat named Mr. G. Mr. G was rescued from an animal hoarding case in Southern California. In Mr. G’s previous home, he befriended a burro named Jellybean. The two grew to be very close friends.

    Upon arriving at his new home, Mr. G remained in the corner of his room for six days. He refused to eat or go outside. Mr. G was still relatively healthy, despite showing signs of depression. Jeff McCracken, one of the sanctuary’s volunteers, drove 14 hours round trip to reunite the two friends. Mr. G immediately perked up when he saw Jellybean. Within twenty minutes of seeing Jellybean, Mr. G had his first bite of food in six days. Let’s say it together guys, aww.

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